The four features


Yuki is the proprietor of Yuki Hair Spa. He wants to help you maintain beautiful and healthy looking hair.

At Yuki Hair Spa we aim to provide you with a first class personalized service.
All stylists at Yuki Hair Spa follows our customer service protocol of high standards and attention to detail.
First, we carefully what your hair and scalp needs are.
Then, we customize the service we provide to suit your individual needs.
We listen to understand what your needs are.
We offer advice specific to your needs.
We help you find the hairstyle that suits you best.
We are very particular about which chemicals we use.
We use techniques to maximize the natural beauty of your while minimizing any damage. We want you to feel comfortable and totally relaxed while we look after your hair.

Easy to maintain hairstyle that you can manage yourself at home.

How many times have you left a salon with a beautiful hairstyle only to find that it is impossible replicate at home?
Every person is unique from the shape of their head to the amount and thickness of their hair and as a result has different requirements to achieve a beautiful hair style.
We offer you a personalized service to obtain the style that is right for you and that fits in with your lifestyle.
Our precision cutting techniques helps your hair to fall into the correct shape in order that you can style your hair as beuatifully as we did in the salon.
We want you to love you hair not only after your appointment but in between appointments as well.

Our techniques promote healthy looking hair with a glossy shine.

Do you want to enjoy beautiful colour, chemically curly or straightening your hair as well as use heat styling tools without damaging your hair?
Do you want to maintain long lasting shiny hair?
See no difference in using any treatments.
Can’t run my fingers smoothly through my hair…
Have you tried various products without seeing any difference? Have you found that you can’t run your fingers through your hair?
At Yuki Hair Spa, we choose the products that will minimize damage to your hair. We avoid the use of excessive damaging chemicals.
Our passion is helping you achieve beautiful healthy looking shiny hair!

Organic Head Spa offering you a blissful experience. We provide two different services.

Organic Head Spa (Kangen Water)

For deep cleansing.
Helps neutralize odours.
Using Kangen Water (electrolyzed reduced water)
Kangen Water helps remove residues and build up from your hair.
Relax and enjoy the blissful treatment!

Dry Head Spa

The first place that tends to tighten up when one experiences overload is the scalp.
“Head in comfort 爽” is a dry head spa experience that will relax and sooth the head and scalp. You will be surprised at just how relaxed and light your head will feel after the session.
“Head in comfort 爽” dry head spa experience is not recommended for people with head and neck injuries, chronic migraine, recent head injuries or surgery. For those with other physical ailments, please check with your health professional beforehand.