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: Japanese Hair Artist
:I'd like to make people from various country beautiful.
:I'm good at hair set.
:I'm available Tuesday and Wednesday. AM10:00~PM17:00
:All menu 20% discount
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Kumi Kumi


: Japanese Hair Artist
: 24 years experience
: Balayage hair colour lovers
available Monday ,Thursday .Friday
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Limited Time Services

Your stylist is Hitom and Kumi  

Gray-cover $90 90 mins
Gray-cover +cut $120 90 mins
Lady's cut $70 60 mins
Men's cut $50 30 mins
Head spa $70 30 mins

General Service


shampoo+blow dry included(not for kids)
Ladys Cut+Shiny treatment $90 60 mins
Ladys Cut $80 60 mins
Kid Cut $30 30 mins
Fringe Cut(not include shampoo,blow dry) $10 10 mins
Lustrous treatment(add treatment) $60 30 mins


Student 10% discount $0 0 mins
Mens Cut $50 30 mins
Mens Cut➡cover your gray hair $100 60 mins
Mens Cut➡one colour $120 90 mins

Head Spa

Head spa is a deep conditioning treatment for the scalp. Deep conditioning helps maintain the natural hair structure and gives it extra luster and glow. It makes the scalp healthy which in turn leads to healthy hair growth.Get shine. last longer (depending on your hair type)
head spa $70 60 mins

Permanent Hair Colour

shampoo+blow dry included
Lustrous treatment $20~ 10 mins
grey cover +Cut $160~ 120 mins
Single Process / Long $160~ 100 mins
Single Process / Medium $140~ 100 mins
Lustrous treatment $60~ 90 mins
Student 10% discount $0~ 0 mins


Cut+styling included Digital perm for asian hair type.
All Perm(cold perm) $180~ 150 mins
Digital Perm(Hot perm) $250~ 150 mins
Student 10% discount $0~ 0 mins

Soft Type/Japanese  Chemical Hair Straightening

Short time work, better than before. 1/2mean any specific spots ,not whole head This products reforming the hair's components, treat and fix dry,damaged Hair. Straightment does not straighten the hair completely. Price depends on the lengths of hair. Including hair cut
  Japanese Chemical Hair Straightening/Fringe(not include hair cut) $110 60 mins
apanese Chemical Hair Straightening Soft type/roots $270~ 200 mins
apanese Chemical Hair Straightening Soft type/all $290~ 200 mins
Japanes Soft Straightment 1/2only $180~ 180 mins
Student 10% discount $0~ 0 mins


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Chemicals, we use are all made in Japan
Those prices might be changed depending on your hair thickness and amount

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