Glossy shine treatment selections

There are three types of shine menu.

1.Glossy shine treatment (system treatment)

This treatment has the effect of conditioning the hair damaged by colour, etc.

2.Acid heat treatment (Keratin treatment)

Weak hair, damaged hair (people with large damage holes)

3.Straight Perm (Hair Straightening)

People with strong frizz

If you are not sure which treatment to choose, please contact us and we will select the most suitable one for you.

Except for the hair straightening, the treatment is very effective, so try to do it 3 times within 6 months.

It is suitable for people who have a lot of damage holes. It will make your hair less frizzy. For those who have difficulty to get shine due to the curl, the shine will be created by removing the habit of the hair.

Gloss treatment + acid heat treatment is the best one.

For more information about Keratin treatment, more info