What is HEAD SPA?

Head Spa is a type of Japanese-style scalp care. Head Spa is said to help grow healthy hair. Head Spa is not a hair growth or hair restoration procedure intended to grow hair. It is a preventive care to set your scalp on a healthy path.

Your scalp will be massaged while the whole of your head is kept moisturized with Nano Steam. In the final stage, high-concentration carbonated spring water will cover your hair the whole time, creating a feeling of comfort beyond description. This will give you a blissful moment.

Just relax on our full-flat bed, enjoy your blissful moments, and spoil your hair and scalp with lavish moments!

Our Proposal for a New Relaxation Style


まるでスパにいるようなリラクゼーションを提供すOur shampoo bed YUME offers you relaxation as if you were in a spa. Just experience a superb, “dreamy” relaxation in our full-flat bed with a soft pillow.


Dirt on your scalp will be detached using Nano Steam. This will remove pore-clogging sebum. Fine Nano Steam (i.e., ultrafine particles) will moisturize your scalp and promote its blood circulation, and will further moisturize your hair through.

Carbonated Hot Water Head Shower

High-concentration carbonated spring water will be pumped up with a shower pump to give you a hot head shower.

This creates the same effect as immersing your head in carbonated spring water, which means the water covers your hair the whole time, giving you a feeling of comfort beyond description and making your hair smooth and silky! This will give you a blissful moment.