(GSH: Glossy Shiny Hair)

How can I get shiny hair?

You must create an environment where your hair readily reflects light.

Hair looks shiny in bright light. (Hair cannot emit light from inside; therefore hair doesn’t look shiny in complete darkness.)

Then, why doesn’t my hair look shiny in bright light?

That’s because the surface of your hair is rough and diffusely reflects light.

The surface of your hair reflects light. If the surface is rough, it diffusely reflects light, making it harder to make hair look shiny.

What makes the surface of hair rough?

The cause of the rough surface of hair includes broken, irregular or otherwise damaged cuticles, or waviness of hair.

How can I get glossy, shiny hair?

You can get glossy, shiny hair by

smoothening the surface of your hair so that it reflects light beautifully (i.e., by moisturization with Nano Steam + Glossy Shine Hair Spa) and by relieving the torsion of your hair (i.e., by Straightening, Keratin Treatment, etc.).


Glossy Shine Hair Spa (Nano Steam + Glossy Shine Treatment) alone is enough to get shinier hair. However, if you have naturally very curly hair or have tortuous hair caused by damage or otherwise, you might need straightening.