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4 Things to know before your Salon Appointment

1. If you are a new customer visiting us for the first time, we may have to decline your request for procedures that would put a heavy burden on your hair.

After we have seen you at least 3 times, we’ll have understood the condition of your hair. Once we get you to understand the risks to your hair, we’ll be happy to do the requested procedures on your hair.

2. This website is our virtual salon. Please read it through before booking.

Please visit this website to check that what we offer matches your needs, apart from checking our reviews and ratings.

3. We do not accept bookings by phone. Please book online.

Online booking prevents miscommunications as to appointment times or other details, and allows you to make an appointment at any time.

4. Our popular service is Japanese-style Head Spa.

Let’s take care of your scalp and hair with Yuki Hair Spa’s original Head Spa!

Yuki Hair Spa  concept

Our Motto

We provide meticulous, special technical services that give first priority to “making your hair healthier after every visit.”

What is HEAD SPA?

Head Spa is a type of Japanese-style scalp care. Head Spa is said to help grow healthy hair.

Head Spa is not a hair growth or hair restoration procedure intended to grow hair. It is a preventive care to set your scalp on a healthy path.

Just relax, enjoy your blissful moments, and spoil your hair and scalp with lavish moments!

What problems do you have with your scalp or hair?

Receiving Head Spa massage may help people who …

  • are worried about hair getting thinner or hair loss.
  • want to be freed from grey hair.
  • have itchy scalp after getting hair coloured.
  • want to get hair coloured but are afraid of hair loss.
  • want to stick to a natural way of being.
  • have oily scalp and hair and are worried about their smell.
  • have dry scalp.
  • want to detox their scalp.
  • have accumulated fatigue and need to refresh themselves.


The head has four muscles and galea aponeurosis. The four muscles are frontalis muscle, right and left temporalis muscles, and occipitalis muscle. When these four muscles are tired, they are no longer able to resist the gravity and will be pulled down towards the gravity, resulting in the scalp becoming harder.

Yuki Hair Spa

Our special HEAD SPA menu you can choose from:


for those who want to relieve fatigue

Our “god’s hands” will gently massage your scalp by tapping Nano Steam gently into the whole of your head. Relax and enjoy your blissful moments. More Details


for those who want to get a clean scalp

Jets of water will suck and clean dirt that is clogging deep in your scalp pores and cannot be removed with shampoo. Pore-clogging sebum, dirt, and residual colouring agents will be removed, which will tighten your scalp pores. More Details

(GSH:Glossy Shiny Hair )


for those who want to get glossy hair

You can get glossy, shiny hair by taking the following two remedial actions

1. To smoothen the surface of your hair so that it reflects light beautifully.
2. To relieve the torsion of your hair.More Details

Towards Getting Shiny Hair

To get shiny hair, you must create an environment where your hair readily reflects light.

Six ways of taking care of your hair towards having shiny hair:

  1. Gently brush your hair every day.
  2. Select shampoo and treatment products that are appropriate for your hair.
  3. Set the temperature of your hair dryer at appropriate level.
  4. Protect your hair and scalp from UV exposure.
  5. Keep a comfortable lifestyle.
  6. Regularly get your hair taken care of at a hair salon!


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