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4 Things to know before your Salon Appointment




2. ホームページはバーチャルサロンです、ご予約の前に御覧ください。


3. 電話でのご予約は受け付けておりませんオンライン予約をご利用ください。


4. 当店の人気メニューは 日本式ヘッドスパです。

Yuki Hair Spa のオリジナルヘッドスパで頭皮、髪のケアを!

1. If you are a new customer visiting us for the first time, we may have to decline your request for procedures that would put a heavy burden on your hair.

After we have seen you at least 3 times, we’ll have understood the condition of your hair. Once we get you to understand the risks to your hair, we’ll be happy to do the requested procedures on your hair.

2. This website is our virtual salon. Please read it through before booking.

Please visit this website to check that what we offer matches your needs, apart from checking our reviews and ratings.

3. We do not accept bookings by phone. Please book online.

Online booking prevents miscommunications as to appointment times or other details, and allows you to make an appointment at any time.

4. Our popular service is Japanese-style Head Spa.

Let’s take care of your scalp and hair with Yuki Hair Spa’s original Head Spa!