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Yuki Hair Spa

About Yuki Hair Spa

our vision

All Japanese Stylists.

We aim to help you maintain healthy and beautiful hair. 

We are very particular about which chemicals we use.

We use techniques to maximize the natural beauty of your while minimizing any damage.

Our technique – Custom Made Head Spa for Excellent Shiny Hair.

Helps your hair hold a manageable style for not only in the salon but for your to be able to achieve yourself in between appointments as well.

4 Strengths of Yuki Hair Spa

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Secrest to shiny hair and growth

Damaged hair, dried out hair…
Can’t run your fingers through your hair? At Yuki Hair Spa, we choose the products that will minimize damage to your hair.

Do you think that the more you get your hair dyed or a perm,the more damage you get?

Want to keep long lasting shiny hair?

Have you tried various products without seeing any difference?

Maximize the beauty of wavy or curly hair without the frizz. 

It’s true that chemical products can cause damage both your hair and scalp.

Some some chemical products are worse than others. 

We carefully select the products that give you the beautiful results you want while minimizing any damage. 

Our special techniques also help reduce the excessive use of chemical products. 

We recommend Organic Head Spa – Scalp Restore.

It pampers your hair & scalp with the electrolyzed reduced water.

The kangen water that we use is  electrolyzed reduced water containing only rock salt and water.

We use two types of water, alkaline and acid

We want you to sit back, relax and enjoy the blissful service.

For deep cleansing.
Perfect for a refreshing pick-me-up.
Helps neutralize odors.

Customer's Voice

They Say



I hardly get satisfied by barbers but after finding Yuki two years ago I will never go back to other places as long as I am living in Brisbane. You know what I love about him is he is very friendly, very experienced, never rush, loves his job and continue working on your hair until both you and him is fully satisfied with the achieving result. He is not just a hair dressser/barber but he is a also a passionate hair artist.

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If you are one of those person like me who is shy, don’t want to sit in a que in a crowded place and shy to not leave the chair until you are fully satisfied then this is a best place for you. Because you pre book your appointment and on your time you will be the only customer by yourself in the shop with a relaxing Japanese music in the background.

Yuki is the grand hair master


“Yuki is the grand master of the salon buisness. He looks at your face type and cuts to suit. Amazing, professional”

Highly recommended!​


“This was my first haircut in Brisbane, Yuki has great skill to understand what the customer needs as well as advising what is suitable.
I am very satisfied with my haircut, highly recommended!”

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Yuki Hair Spa

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Trading Hours

 Sunday : Closed

Monday :10:00-14:00

Tuesday – Friday  : 10:00~ 18:00
Saturday : 9:00 ~ 16:00