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What is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment is now made and owned in Australia. Labelled the preferred choice of salon professionals.
L’Abrea is changing the reputation of Keratin hair treatments worldwide.
L’Abrea’s new technology allows you to wash the hair in less than one hour, after completing the treatment. Also there is no bad smell, or eye and skin irritation.
The service is so pleasant that leave most of client asleep. Client will not leave the salon with heavy, greasy looking hair.
We offer the latest hair smoothing treatment that improves the condition of the hair. L’Abrea is a keratin treatment that liberates you from hours of blow-drying or straightening. Easy, relaxed, manageable hair – everyday.

Benefit of Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is an advanced method used to relax and straighten hair.

Every day, due to daily activities, a bit of keratin is lost from your hair. As a result, small holes appear in the hair, leaving it weak and lifeless.

With a keratin treatment, these holes are refilled by reintroducing keratin back into your hair.


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