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Head Spa

???? Dry Head Spa: A massage without using shampoo, which helps to relieve tension in the scalp and shoulders.

???? Wet Head Spa: Using shampoo and treatments to care for both the scalp and hair, while also providing a relaxing effect.

The type that is suitable for your hair condition depends on the individual hair quality.

At our salon, YUKI Japanese Head Spa, we offer a unique wet head spa treatment ???? with luxurious treatments such as ion water, aromatherapy, and steam. Please enjoy a relaxing and blissful time. We encourage you to try it out.

In the case of severely damaged hair, wetting the hair can sometimes cause further damage. Although not washing the hair is an option, it is essential to wash it properly to maintain a healthy scalp and hair.

It is said that “the key to maintaining beautiful hair is to master the correct shampooing technique.” Through my work as a hairstylist, I have learned the importance of shampooing.

My mentor taught me that “if you can provide a comfortable shampoo, your customers will be satisfied.”

To do this, I put in a lot of effort to learn the techniques of comfortable shampooing. I acquired a wide range of knowledge, such as shampooing techniques, appropriate product selection, and methods to assess scalp condition. As a result, I was able to provide a comfortable shampoo, and my customers became happy with my service.

Through this journey, I aimed to offer the ultimate shampoo experience, the Wet Head Spa. The Wet Head Spa incorporates treatments, massages, steam, and aromatherapy into the shampooing process, enhancing the relaxing effect.

By utilizing what I learned through this journey, I am committed to providing our customers with a luxurious and relaxing experience through the Wet Head Spa, as an extension of the ultimate shampoo.





当サロンのYUKI Japanese Head Spaでは、ウェットヘッドスパの独自のトリートメントを提供しています????イオン水、アロマセラピー、スチームなどの贅沢なトリートメントで、リラックスして至福の時間をお過ごしください。ぜひお試しください。