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 I am Yuki, a hairdresser specialising in hair growth.
The role of a hairdresser is not only to make hairstyle but also to take care of the material of hair itself. What I can contribute to you in the future is to keep your hair healthy so that you can enjoy your hairstyle forever. To do this, you need to know what is bad for your scalp and hair, and to improve the scalp that produces your hair. We offer you a “sustainable improvement of your own hair” so that you can enjoy your hair all the time.

Private Salon


 After training in Tokyo’s Daikanyama and Roppongi areas, YUKI ran beauty salons in Ebisu and Daikanyama before opening his first salon in Perth, Australia. Later, due to his father’s illness, he decided to return to Japan. We have been in Brisbane for 12 years as YUKI HAIR SPA, a private salon by appointment only. I have been a hairdresser for 40 years this year.

Over the past 12 years, the problems I hear from customers have changed from “I want a haircut that suits me” to “My hair is thin and difficult to manage”, “My hair doesn’t have enough volume”, “I’m worried about my grey hair” and other problems with the material of the hair and scalp.

When I first came to Japan from Tokyo, I used to think that whatever you wanted, I could do it if I designed it from my experience of cutting, colouring, perming, etc. I used to prioritise design over damage and how to make it look cool.

Nowadays, we try not to do anything that can damage the hair, and design with the theme of ”healthy and enjoy the hair style forever”.

Many of our clients have said the same thing.

The reason for the increase in problems is that our hair is getting older with time.

In order to keep the ideal hairstyle, it is not enough to focus on design.

It is necessary to take care of your hair at the salon and also to take care of your hair at home (preventive) in order to have an ideal hair style in the future.

To help you get through this season of increased stress on your hair and scalp, and to keep your hair in better condition, we will show you how to take care of your hair and scalp at home.

Because of Corona, we are spending more time at home and we have more time to take care of ourselves than ever before. We think so.

What causes “ageing”?

UV rays!

When you’re in Australia, the sun’s rays are the natural enemy of your skin, hair and scalp, leaving sunburn marks even when you’re just walking around.

Summer isn’t the only time of year when the effects of UV rays are a concern. You can’t protect yourself from UV rays only when the sun is shining! Sometimes the UV rays are even more intense when it is cloudy.

The surface of your hair is covered with a scaly film called the cuticle. When this cuticle is damaged by UV light, the hair loses its natural moisture content.

Once hair has grown, it does not shed and regrow like skin.

Unfortunately, “once the cuticle is broken, it cannot be regenerated”. Recently, treatments have been used to create a fake cuticle, but in reality it is just a coating.

As you can see, UV damage to the hair can be seen and felt. In fact, the scalp can be damaged by UV rays in the same way.

When the scalp is exposed to too much UV light, it produces ‘reactive oxygen species’. These reactive oxygen species can speed up the “ageing” process.

These “reactive oxygen species” play an important role (in the transmission of information within cells, in the regulation of immunity and metabolism, etc.), but they can also damage cells.

When the sebum secreted by the scalp is oxidised by these “reactive oxygen species”, the foundation on which the hair is built is destroyed, causing the ageing of the cells that make up the hair and also the pigment cells that make up the colour of the hair.

As a result, the effects of UV light on the scalp can lead to the ageing of hair cells, causing hair loss and greying of the hair.

However, this can be prevented as the damage is caused by oxidation and not just by the natural ageing process. 



There are simple ways to protect your hair and scalp from UV rays, such as wearing a hat when outside.

Avoiding direct exposure to UV rays is a simple way to keep your hair beautiful! Please be aware of the effects of these UV rays.

By being a little more aware of the effects of UV rays, you can enjoy your favourite hairstyle for years to come!

We can also help you to reduce the stress on your hair caused by UV rays.



The truth is that the scalp doesn’t move.

Just as a plant needs good soil to grow strong, without a healthy scalp you will not be able to grow beautiful hair and your desired hairstyle will be limited.

So here we would like to introduce you to the truth about the scalp, which is essential for the ideal haircut.

We often think of the head and face as two separate parts of the body, but the scalp and face are connected by a single piece of skin.

You may not realise it, but if your temporal region is stiff, it can weaken the support for your cheeks, causing them to sag and deepen lines.

Do you find that you can pinch the scalp above your ear? If you do, you’ll be able to feel the difference between the two sides. If you raise the scalp, your face will be lifted up.

As we are on the earth, gravity causes the skin to sag from top to bottom, so if your scalp sags, the skin on your face will also sag.

Therefore, it is very important to take care of the scalp in order to reduce the sagging of the face.

The basic structure of the skin of the face and scalp is made up of three layers (epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue), with sweat and sebaceous glands.

The scalp has more than twice as many sebaceous glands as the T-zone of the face, and the sweat glands secrete more sweat than the soles of the hands and feet.

However, one thing that cannot be ignored when considering scalp care is the fact that we have hair. The hair plays a very important role in protecting us from UV rays and dryness.

However, because the scalp is covered by hair, it is always steamy, difficult to wash and humid.

As you can see, this makes it easier for bacteria to grow.

It is important to take care of your scalp as carefully as you do your face and to monitor the condition of your scalp for the future health of your hair and your ideal hairstyle.

By the way, the scalp is an area that is easily dried out by dryness and UV rays and loses a lot of moisture.

The scalp is also skin and absorbs 3.5 times as much water as the arms and 11 times as much as the collar.


There is one more thing I want to tell you.

The scalp also has muscles. The frontalis muscle runs from the top of the eyebrow to the golden point, the temporalis muscle is above the ear and the occipital muscle is at the back of the head.

The muscles are responsible for the flow of blood.

The other area of the scalp at the top of the head (around the whip) is called the capitellum, which has no muscles.

This is the part of the scalp that cannot be moved. As a result, blood circulation is poor and the scalp is prone to hardening.

“These two muscles, the frontalis and occipitalis, are connected to the capitate tendon and pull the capitate tendon.

The stretching of the capsular tendon membrane reduces blood circulation.

This means that not enough blood can reach the scalp, causing a lack of nutrients for beautiful hair to grow, which can lead to hair loss and fine hair.


This is why it is said that a hard scalp is not good for your hair, especially when it comes to designing your hairstyle.

The most important point of scalp care is how to work on the so-called “stuck scalp” from the outside. This is the most important aspect of scalp care.

As a result, the hardened scalp becomes softer and more relaxed, and blood circulation improves and spreads to all parts of the scalp.

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How to wash your scalp properly


If you want to keep your hair looking great, you only need to go to the salon once a month.

But while you can get that haircut at the salon, it’s your own hair care at home that will make your hair healthy.

The original purpose of shampoo is to remove dirt from the scalp and hair, but another important purpose is to improve the blood circulation of the scalp and regulate the environment of the scalp in order to grow healthy hair.

  • What are the causes of dirt?
  • Lack of frequent shampooing
  • Lack of shampooing
  • Use of shampoo with too little cleansing power.
  • Over-washing accelerates the smell of the scalp.
  • Over-washing can accelerate scalp odour.
  • This is the right way to wash your scalp to make your hair healthy!

It may sound like you are scrubbing your scalp (you don’t want to damage your scalp), but the way to improve blood circulation is to use your fingers to massage your scalp. (I use my fingers to massage my scalp muscles all over.

This is especially important for the upper part of the scalp, which is hidden by the hat (there are no muscles here), as this is where blood circulation is slow and hair tends to thin and fall out. Wash your hair as if you were moving your scalp.

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Simple head massage at home

Simple Head Spa at Home

A stiff scalp is a sign of fatigue! If the blood flow to the back of the head is poor, it is easy to get tired.

At Yuki Hair Spa you can have a head massage. It’s a very relaxing and soothing treatment for your scalp.

If you can do this every day at the salon, you will be fine.

Here are some simple self-stretching tips that you can do yourself.


Hair is a woman’s life!

Even for men?

I was talking to a client the other day.

“Hey Yuki-san, let me know when it’s time to stop dyeing your hair grey” and “Let me know when your hair gets thinner and less abundant!”

Yes, you should not let your hair become thinner because of dyeing grey hair.

Hair is a big problem for women, it is also important for men, but especially for women, “hair is life”.

Beautiful and voluminous hair makes you look younger and healthier, whatever your age.

Men worry about what others think of them, men worry about what the opposite sex thinks of them, women worry about what the same sex thinks of them.

For women, “the amount of hair” is a big problem. In fact, we are hearing more and more from our clients in the salon.

Currently, less than 30% of men and 10% of women say they have thinning hair. To help those who suffer from this problem, Yuki Hair Spa has been constantly exploring and implementing proven methods of hair care.

Growing Healthy Hair

Only one rule

Hair can be damaged, but not painfully so, and often by the time we realise it, it is damaged.

It is important to take “preventive measures” to create a scalp environment that facilitates healthy and vigorous hair before it becomes thin and weak.

It is not a question of fixing damaged hair after it has been damaged, but of how to prevent damage to the hair that is growing back to perfection, in order to keep the ‘moisture’ and ‘volume’ of the hair. The only way to do this is to prevent it.

For healthy hair growth, it is important to improve the environment of the pores.

Ordinary shampoos cannot remove the sebum, silicone and dirt from the air that clogs the pores. 

Dirt and sebum can block the pores and weaken the hair, resulting in thinning and loss of hair.

Shampooing your scalp every day to improve circulation and remove dirt from the pores is the secret to healthy, youthful hair.

This is the ultimate “preventive hair care” to enjoy your “ideal hair style” even after 5 or 10 years.

“If you take care of these two things correctly, you will be able to grow beautiful hair regardless of your current hair condition. It is possible.

Please learn to take care of your hair before, not after, and enjoy your hair design with your ideal hairstyle.

(It is important to prevent tooth decay, not to treat it after it has occurred.)

The biggest mistake most people make
The biggest misconception

We want to tell you the truth about your hair. What is the truth about hair? Hair is at its best when it first grows out.

This is why once hair is damaged, it cannot be restored.

Daily UV rays, excessive use of hair dryers, heat, dryness, friction caused by wetness, chlorinated tap water, silicones and other coatings can damage hair.

This damage to the hair is called “oxidation”. It is the loss of moisture. In order to manage this damage, many people use commercial treatments and oil products.

The role of most treatments is to coat the hair with an ingredient called silicone to make it look shiny. This does not mean that the hair is brought back to life, damaged hair cannot be restored.


When the silicon is stripped from the hair by UV light, it also strips the cuticle, which is essential for healthy hair. This is the reason why people say “my hair doesn’t look better” even though they use treatments.

Remember, the fundamental treatment is to cut the damaged part. Once the hair is damaged, it will not regrow.

You can’t just leave the damaged part of your hair as it is. The hair will get caught and cause hair loss. It is important to do treatments around the most damaged areas to keep them smooth.

Treating your existing hair is not enough for healthy hair to grow.

The most important thing is to take care of the “moisture” and “volume” of the hair.

A healthy scalp is the basis for healthy hair growth.

Create a healthy scalp environment! This is the right way to care for your newborn hair.

The truth is that it is not enough to take care of your existing hair (treatments) in order to create a healthy scalp for your new hair.


Free scalp consultation.


As we age, our hair gets older and weaker. Is it just age?

The main reason is that we have neglected to take care of our scalp.

Many of the shampoos and treatments available on the market contain ingredients that are designed to make your hair look beautiful, but they mix with the sebum and sweat from your scalp and block the pores.

Before you know it, your scalp has been exposed to UV rays, which oxidise and deprive it of moisture, causing it to age. The build-up of sebum and other pollutants can prevent healthy hair production, resulting in thinning and loss of hair. The best way to prevent this negative cycle is to take proper care of your scalp.

With the right scalp care, your hair will grow thicker, and if the pores are not dead, the sebum blocking the pores will be removed and the hair growth products will be delivered to the hair producing cells.

This will give your hair the foundation it needs to thrive.

Knowing the condition of your scalp is the most important thing when dealing with thinning or grey hair.

We have many years of experience in working with many people’s scalps and hair, and we are happy to give you a scalp assessment and counselling on the current state of your hair, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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