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Shine Treatment

Minimize hair damage with our selected products and techniques for beautiful, frizz-free wavy/curly hair.

What is Shine Treatment?

Keratin Treatment

We offer two types of gloss-enhancing treatments at our salon. One is the Keratin Treatment, which reconstructs the hair’s internal structure using a combination of chemicals and heat. It liberates you from blow-drying and perms, leading to effortlessly manageable and relaxed hair. One of the significant benefits of this treatment is the lasting shine it provides.

Aroma Treatment

The other option is the Aroma Treatment, a blend of abundant plant-derived ingredients and cutting-edge natural technology known as “NaturalTech,” applied using micro-mist to penetrate deep into the scalp and hair, delivering aromatic scents and natural radiance. Perfect for those seeking regular treatments or delicate hair care.

Opting for either of these treatments will result in healthier, more beautiful hair.


Why is treatment necessary?

Damaged hair has had cuticle stripped off. If the hair is highly damaged, the interstitial substance inside the hair will flow out and the hair will be damaged inside. Damaged hair is like a sponge it is very porous. A dry sponge is hard. When you put water in the sponge, unless you squeeze it out, it will not be able to dry. Like a sponge there are a lot of holes in damaged hair, so water continues to drip out of the hair and therefore it takes a long time for you to dry it. When damaged hair dries , it becomes dry and crunchy.

When Shine Treatment Works The Best

Some hair types do not retain the benefit of the shine hair treatment for very long of the first treatment. Here’s how to tell if your hair needs another application of the shine treatment:

– Your hair seems to drip forever after you have washed it.
– The treatment doesn’t last.

This is usually the case with hair that has been damaged by high level color.