Head Spa




Head spa became a boom worldwide. we are well known for easy to treat hairstyles and we have started a service in  Brisbane which will improve your hair and scalp hygiene.
Head spa is a deep conditioning treatment for the scalp. Deep conditioning helps maintain the natural hair structure and gives it extra luster and glow.
It makes the scalp healthy which in turn leads to healthy hair growth.
Is hair feeling dull, lifeless, and unappealing?
Perhaps this is due to a buildup of stress in your daily environment.
Like fabric, hair traps various pollutants and possibly odors from its surroundings.
With our soothing head massage and specialized alkalized water, all of those stresses can be washed away.
Allowing for increased scalp circulation, soft, shiny, rejuvenated hair.
A completely refreshed look and feel.

Head Spa は還元水と炭酸水を使います。



<洗浄水 >
頭皮の除菌をし髪のキューティクルを整えてくれる 効果があります。




★ 髪、肌に対する浸透性が高く馴染みやすい
★ 血行の促進 炭酸泉はPH4.5~5.5これは肌や髪の等電帯と同じなので頭皮、髪は弱酸性と言いますよね! ” お湯で洗うよりやさしいのです。”
※(通常お湯はPH7ぐらいですので肌にとってはアルカリよりになります) 更に炭酸水は浸透力が高く肌、髪に素早く浸透します。
It is same as usual hair salon’s shower. The difference is the water which containsCo2 gas and gives a whole new effect to your hair.
What is the effect?
It will: Improve scalp blood circulation. Outlast dyed hair colour makes hair smooth and soft. Natural acidulous disinfect ion helps hair grow removes waste and smell.
You can enjoy CO2 Spa at Yuki hair Spa!