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Hello  I’m YUKI, the healthy hair adviser. I want you to shine wonderfully all the time in the age of 100 years of life. Healthy Hair Care Support.

For those of you who are interested in scalp care and reversing grey hair, I’ll tell you the important things in a simple way.


If you have healthy hair, I don’t care which one you choose.
If your hair and scalp are weak, the worst thing you can do is to choose a shampoo at random.

(Professional advice is needed.)


Who should use this product?

  • People who have noticed changes in their hair that they don’t want to admit in front of the mirror every day.
  • People who are having trouble taking care of their hair.
  • People who have spent too much money on hair care.
  • People who want to enjoy their own hairstyle.
  • People who want to return to their original hairstyle.
  • People who are becoming concerned about their gray hair.

Super! How Healthy Hair Care was Developed

My name is Yuki, and I am a hair stylist advisor.

As a hairdresser for many years, the age range of my customers has increased and the topics have changed from hairstyles to gray hair and thinning hair.

I have been offering head spas as part of my menu for 30 years now. When I first started, it was a new menu that was more comfortable than shampooing and could remove dirt.

The fact that I have continued to offer it as part of my menu since then means that scalp care is an important part of my concept.

Recently, I have been sharing my research on hair growth and other topics with my fellow hairdressers in Japan, and I have been taking in a lot of information from a beauty supply store founded by a group of very research-oriented hairdressers.

By combining various tried-and-true products that can be easily applied at home, just like a head spa in a salon, we were able to support people in getting closer to their ideal super-healthy hair and scalp. We were able to achieve the ideal super-healthy hair care support.


Similar products of this type

  • Hair Growth Products
  • Hair Growth Equipment
  • Hair Growth
  • Wigs

All of these are OK in terms of treatment!

Super Health Care Support is not a hair growth or hair extension product.
It is a preventive support to improve your daily scalp care habits, revive your scalp health, and thereby strengthen your existing hair.

It only takes about 15 minutes a day, so even the most troublesome person can continue to use it.

It’s a waste of money and time to do something that won’t last. Washing your head feels good.

If you change that habit a little, washing your head will become a pleasant feeling after four months!

Rejuvenate your hair healthily, secretly, at home.

If you want to know more, more, more about your scalp and hair
visit hair stylist Yuki’s online scalp care class!

Super! Healthy Hair Care Support
Two courses

Super! Healthy Hair Care Support  courses (12 months) 

<Easy care at home>

using Healthy Hair Products

  • Cleansing Lotion (pore care)
  • Healthy Hair Care Shampoo (scalp cleansing)
  • Healthy Hair Care Tonic (nourishing)

<In-shop care and support>

  • 12times Steam Head spas

Super! Healthy Hair Care Support  courses (06 months) 

<Easy care at home>

using Healthy Hair Products

  •  Cleansing Lotion (Pore Care)
  • Healthy Hair Care Shampoo (Scalp Cleansing)
  • Healthy Hair Care Tonic (Nourishing)

<Care and Support in Store>

    • 6times Steam Head Spa

Healthy hair is not something that you can get overnight.
If you stick with it long enough and it becomes a natural habit, you will notice that your hair and scalp will be super healthy!

 If you are wondering…

“Can I do this with my hair the way it is now? If you have any questions, please contact us for a free consultation.

In the free consultation (takes about 30 minutes)

We will teach you how to do these 3 simple steps in detail and

discuss your scalp and hair condition.

>>Apply for a free consultation

–At the end…

In this age of 100 years of life, no matter how old you are, if your body, mind and hair are healthy, you will look young and above all, you will enjoy looking in the mirror everyday!

In the past, when it came to dyeing grey hair, it was all black (close to your natural hair colour), but nowadays, it can be any colour. Nowadays, you can have it any colour you want – purple, pink, even bright red.

Yes, as long as you have hair, you can have fun. If your hair is healthier than it is now, you can enjoy fashion for a long time.

I recently bought a tennis racket. I bought a racket that fits my body properly and doesn’t hurt my arms.

I started playing tennis again a few years ago. I used to play soft tennis, but now I play hard tennis.

When I first started I was given a racquet by a friend, it was a cool racquet but I didn’t know if it was right for me or not.

I didn’t even need tennis shoes, I was playing tennis with my existing shoes. On the first day, I caught my foot and injured it. I was shocked because I hadn’t fallen in a long time and it hurt a lot. But I pretended it was nothing and went on doing it.

This is the same as buying shampoo.

You use it because it’s a brand, because someone recommended it to you, because you feel like it.

If you buy it just because it looks cool, it will only hurt your arms. The weight, the tension, the grip, the shoes for playing tennis.

You have to know the court, you have to know how to play the sport safely, you have to soften your body and do flexibility exercises so you can move.

It’s the same with your hair, you just have to change the process from washing and removing dirt to washing and making your hair healthy.

This hair care course has been designed for those who need it.

Thank you very much for reading this article.


If you have any questions please contact us using the contact form or email us at