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 Keratin treatment  Super Glossy Shine Treatment



Keratin treatment is now made and owned in Australia. Labelled the preferred choice of salon professionals,

L’Abrea is changing the reputation of Keratin hair treatments worldwide.

We offer the latest hair smoothing treatment that improves the condition of the hair. L’Abrea is vegan certified and made with 95% natural ingredients, free from Formaldehyde ammonia or nasty chemicals, ensuring no damage to the scalp or hair.

L’Abrea is a keratin treatment that liberates you from hours of blow-drying or straightening.

Easy, relaxed, manageable hair – everyday.

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is Keratin and what is Keratin treatment?

A: Keratin is the protein in the hair. Every day due to daily activity , you hair loose a bit of the keratin.So your hair end up with small holes is it and your hair becomes weak and lifeless.With keratin treatment, we refile these holes by injecting keratin back to your hair.

Q: What L’Abrea Keratin Treatment?

A: L’Abrea uses an advanced method for relaxing and straightening the hair. It is 100% Australian made and is vegan certified with 95% natural ingredients.  It is completely different from traditional keratin treatments, that were formerly based on formaldehyde and ammonia chemicals, and required a three-day waiting period before washing the hair.

L’Abrea’s new technology allows you to wash the hair in less than one hour, after completing the treatment. Also there is no bad smell ,or eye and skin irritation. The service is so pleasant that leave most of client asleep. Client will not leave the salon with heavy, greasy looking hair.

Q: How often do I need to repeat L’Abrea Keratin Treatment?

A: L’Abrea Keratin Treatment lasts between 3-5 months, depending on the texture of the hair. If the hair is very frizzy or curly hair it is recommended to repeat the treatment after 90 days, to achieve a better result.

For longer lasting straightening results, we strongly recommend using L’Abrea Aftercare Shampoo and Conditioner – SLES free, to prolong results.

 Q: What are the benefits of using L’Abrea Keratin Treatment?

A: L’Abrea gives long-lasting smoothing effects, which significantly reduces the time taken to style the hair using hair dryers or straightening irons. This definitely suits today’s modern and busy lifestyles.

Hair naturally looses its keratin protein from daily activities such as washing and styling. L’Abrea Keratin Treatment replenishes the hair with keratin, giving softer, shinier and healthier hair.

Beside its frizz control! so after every wash and styling your hair, will not go frizzy due to humidity.

Q: Why should I choose L’Abrea Keratin Treatment over other keratin products available on the market?

Almost all keratin treatment products contain formaldehyde and those that say they are formaldehyde-free usually contain other chemicals that release formaldehyde during the treatment. Always check! Formaldehyde is extremely toxic to all those exposed in the same room during the treatment.

Research has shown that formaldehyde is linked with causing cancer as well as causing skin, scalp, nasal and eye irritations. Hairdressers are the most vulnerable, due to repeated exposure. For more information click here 

.L’Abrea stands apart from other brands in the market because laboratory analysis has confirmed that the L’Abrea Keratin Treatment is completely formaldehyde-free. By choosing L’Abrea you are NOT putting your health at risk and you are achieving a better result in terms of straightening and hair health.

The Process


Damage level high, the middle part is damaged even more by the Senning cut

Leave for 30〜60 minutes Depends on the damage and condition of the hair)

After rinsing, it is before the ironing

after ironing

After rinsing again then  just dry.


Time 2½ hours

Medium length

  Within 5 months, 3 sessions are recommended.