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Why do I need scalp cleansing??

Are you taking care of your scalp? Do you know how to care for your scalp?

Dirt and other wastes can get into the pores of your scalp and cannot be removed by daily shampooing alone. , This build up will hinder growth of healthy hair.
Do your pores retain silicone?

Have you ever had the experience that no matter how much you shampoo, your hair and scalp feels sticky.

  • You see little effects from hair treatments.
  • Perm and colour treatments do not last long.
  • Do  you feel like your scalp is stinging?
  • What happens if my hair is coated, you may ask?
  • If you experience any of the above you might want to try ‘detoxing’ your hair and scalp.



At first, it is colourless, transparent, and odourless. I wash my scalp thoroughly every day, so my scalp should be clean, right?


The cloudy white colour after detox is due to residue (sebum, silicone, polymers, etc.).


When you remove the build up you may notice the following benefits:

  • Colour and perms treatments will last longer and your  hair will look shiny!
  • The effects of hair treatments will be much more noticeable!
  • Your hair will feel supple and much easier to style!
  • You scalp will be clean and appear healthy!


Why don’t you try a hair detox?

You can do it at the in our salon!

Come in to try a Detox Head Spa !!

This treatment will Remove residue from hair and scalp and remove dirt that can’t be removed by shampoo alone!

It is GOOD for the appearance of more voluminous hair because it makes your hair and skin free from build up!

The best results can be gained if you  have a Detox Head Spa once a month!

Men can also have a Detox Head Spa. !!


Hair Detox

This is something you  can do at home!

You can do the same detox at home as you do at the salon!

This treatment provides gentle cleansing for the skin on your scalp! It is made up  of a special negative ion reduced water.
It is good for the appearance of more voluminous hair as it makes your hair and skin free from build up!

Just put it on and rub it in. Afterwards, wash your hair gently with a hair- nourishing shampoo.
You can use any treatment you like afterwards.

The combination of detox and head spa will help to increase the thickness and volume of your hair.

Do you want to know more about how to make your scalp healthier?

If you are interested in thicker and more voluminous hair, please check it↓

how to make your scalp healthier?